Goose Hunting

Professional fishing and waterfowl guide specializing in Walleye fishing, Canadian Goose hunts, duck hunts, dove hunts and Sandhill Crane hunts.

Prime season for goose hunts begins in November and goes thru February. We provide the hunting guide, goose decoys, blind material. Majority of all goose hunts are in fields. Setup time is about forty minutes, and everyone helps with setup and teardown. Setup includes walking into the field if we are not able to transport into field due to crops or mud. We are able to transport impaired or handicapped hunters into the field. Application of camo on individual blind materials, digging a grave pit (Shallow pit for hunter to lay in)if required. Setting up decoys, and the ability to lay down and then sit up to shoot birds. Geese usually taken are Canada's, lesser and mediums. Occasionally some giant Canada's are taken. We also take quite a few Snow Geese, Blue Geese and Specks. If time and conditions permit we also shoot a lot of ducks that are staged with the flocks of geese. You must have a Oklahoma hunting license, Federal waterfowl stamp, and a Oklahoma state waterfowl permit and HIP permit. If you do not have an Oklahoma hunting license you can purchase one at 405-521-3852. Reservations should be made well in advance. The cost per person is $140.00 per hunt.


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Here is a couple pic's of goose/duck hunts


Duck hunt 22 Dec 07 hunters from South Carolina, Georgia, Wisconsin and Oklahoma

Goose hunt 21 Dec 07

30 Dec 2007 Full limit cans and specks

New years Eve 2007

Double neck banded Ross


3 Jan 08 Hope Ark with another limit!